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Red Tailed Hawk Vol. II

Updates from Conquer Entertainment® Conquer Entertainment artists will be a big part of the Make Music New York event, happening June 21, 2013 all across New York City. The lineup of over 1,000 performers will include Jeneen Terrana (pop/folk), Justina (pop), Sarah Jane Cion (jazz), Carmen Magro (pop), Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet (Latin) and Aisling Peartree (R&B/soul). For those in the New York City area during the festivities, we urge you to come out to evaluate some of the best that Conquer has to offer, as well as the business plan. Otherwise, their music is always available in your store at

Carlos Jiménez: La sangre musical de un villalbeño en New York FaceBook Twitter Carlos JiménezCarlos Jiménez NEW YORK, New York - En el campo del arte y de la música, Villalba siempre ha cosechado grandes talentos que destacan doquiera que se presentan. Artistas que, sin embargo, nunca olvidan sus raíces. Tal es el caso de Carlos Jiménez. Músico...compositor...productor...y hasta webmaster, Carlos regresó con su familia a Villalba desde su ciudad natal de New York cuando contaba con seis años de edad. Ya, a esa edad tan temprana, Carlos había aprendido a tocar la trompeta, siguiendo los pasos de su padre e instructor. En Villalba, Carlos continuó su entrenamiento musical hasta que llegó a la entonces Escuela Superior Francisco Zayas Santana y conoció al profesor Pablo León, quien lo guió por nuevos y desconocidos caminos del mundo musical. En el año 1995, Carlos regresó a la ciudad de New York a estudiar en el Conservatorio de Música de Westchester. Allí expandió su repertorio estudiando jazz con los maestros Dave Valentín, Hilton Ruiz, Mario Rivera, Bobby Porcelly, Sonny Bravo, Alfredo Valdés Jr. y Mike Longo. En la actualidad, Carlos Jiménez dirige la banda "Carlos Jiménez Mambo Dulcet", cuyo repertorio incluye el Latin Jazz, la música Pop, y por supuesto, la Salsa. Cuando salió su producción "Red Tailed Hawk (Guaraguao), inmediatamente todos sus números se convirtieron en "hits" en varios países y en las estaciones de radio, incluyendo #1 en New York con Vicki Sola. Además, Carlos posee una sello de grabación independiente -CJMartinete Music Co.- bajo el cual ha producido: 1. Arriving 2. El Flautista 3. Thoughts (Pensamientos) 4. Descarga Espiritual 5. Red Tailed Hawk (Guaraguao) 6. Feliz Navidad 7. My Christmas Gift 8. Red Tailed Hawk Vol. II 9. Goza Nena Goza (pendiente para este año) Su talento y su pasión por el Jazz, el Latin Jazz, la Salsa, y los sonidos brasileros y asiáticos le han valido el poder grabar con grandes músicos, incluyendo a Hilton Ruiz, Stephan Rongetz, Sonny Bravo, Edy Martínez, Alfredo Valdés Jr., David Braham, Rubén Rodríguez, Dave Valentín, Jay Hoggard, David Schnitter, Sounders Sermons, Lewis Kahn y Bobby Porcelli. Además de su talento y su pasión por la música, Carlos es un empresario y cuenta con una línea de franquicias en la Internet con Market America, y anda en busca de expandir su organización de líderes de mentalidad comercial, traer artistas talentosos a una plataforma de entretenimiento para dirigirlos hacia un mejor futuro económico. Pero, sobre todo, Carlos nunca olvida al pueblo de Villalba. Visita: Carlos Jiménez Mambo Dulcet

SCORCHING HOT DANCEABLE LATIN JAZZ FROM CARLOS JIMÉNEZ MAMBO DULCET RED TAILED HAWK, VOLUME II (CJ MARTINETE MUSIC, 2013) CD REVIEW/COMMENTARY BY VICKI SOLÁ As I listened to flutist/bandleader Carlos Jiménez and his group Mambo Dulcet’s latest production Red Tailed Hawk , Volume II for the first time, I remember uttering aloud the somewhat trite and definitely overused adjective, “Beautiful!” When my son Frank asked me why I was talking to myself—indeed, shouting—I replied to him and myself, “This is Latin jazz, just the way I love it—authentic, fiery and extremely danceable, with fabulous and seasoned musicians.” Not just a lackluster collection of jazz standards covered too often, hastily thrown over a clave beat. I’ve heard Jiménez’s seven track album many times since—it’s become a semi-permanent fixture in my car’s CD player—and my reaction remains the same each time I listen, as I make fresh discoveries, some subtle, some not so subtle. Jiménez, responsible for the arrangements, presents a mix of classics along with a couple original compositions, and features pianists Edy Martínez, Sonny Bravo, Alfredo Valdés, Jr. and Enrique Haneine—each one incredible. On “Descarga TP,” the flutist’s percussion laden tribute to Tito Puente, Jiménez is accompanied by Bravo (piano), John Guth (guitar), Willie Cintrón (bass), Guillermo Jiménez (timbales), George Cintrón (bongo) and Juan Rodríguez (congas). Carlos Jiménez plays flute and contributes vocals on classics “Cachita (Fast Take)” and “Bilongo,” where we also hear Martínez, Willie Cintrón, George Cintrón, Rodríguez, and drummer Rafael Monteagudo, the latter singing on “Cachita” and providing the beat and more on “Bilongo.” Sonny Bravo handles piano on “Los Tamalitos” and Alfredo Valdés, Jr. does the honors on “La Gloria Eres Tu.” I’ve saved my two favorites, both Jiménez compositions, for last—“Mi Ritmo” and “Tanto Rogarte.” I remember speaking with Jiménez just after I’d heard the former, and saying, “Carlos, you got me with that one!” Hadn’t even listened to “Tanto Rogarte’’ yet.… Featured with Jiménez on “Mi Ritmo” are maestro Martínez, Monteagudo, and Lloyd Nilsen (bass). “Tanto Rogarte,” which Jiménez characterizes as salsa/Latin jazz, is an eleven minute track that I can listen to over and over again. Here, the flutist features Monteagudo and Nilsen, plus the iconic Jorge Maldonado on vocals, and pianist Enrique Haneine, who just blew me away. The seasoned, much acclaimed Haneine, who hails from Mexico City—he has also been active in pop music, serving as Ricky Martin’s musical director, pianist and arranger—exemplifies, in my humble opinion, everything that a jazz pianist should be—and he sure knows how to play salsa, too. As I pointed out to my son, the piano is a percussion instrument, and that fact is brought home with Haneine’s percussive style. I am wowed by the virtuosic interplay between Jiménez and Haneine—both class acts—on this intensely danceable and listenable (if I might coin a newly invented, oxymoronic term) track, one that wails, simmers down, then flares up again, like a house on fire—a thirteen alarm conflagration! Carlos Jiménez is a brilliant player who can play percussively himself, and a veteran, equally at home in the worlds of Latin jazz and salsa. “Red Tailed Hawk, Volume II,” he states, “is just an amazing continuation of my way of producing traditional music with various wonderful musicians, to create curiosity, enthusiasm and ideas as we learn from each other. Once we have Volumes I and II, then our fans and musicians want the next one. It becomes fun and brings hope and happiness.” Jiménez is about to release yet another CD, possibly by the time you read this. Red Tailed Hawk , Volume II is available as an MP3, by digital download. ◊◊◊ ONE OF WALTER BAEZ "EL SALSERO MAYOR DJ WALTER B NICE'S" TOP MAY/JUNE LATIN JAZZ PIX: "Tanto Rogarte" by Carlos Jiménez Mambo Dulcet click to listen:

Carlos Jimenez is back with Mambo Dulcet Red Tailed Hawk Vol.II his new latin jazz album. I’m featuring “Tanto Rogarte” which is one of my favorites in this new CD. Although the title indicates that this is a salsa track it definitely has the latin jazz elements with the hot Salsa flavor which makes it very danceable. This will make a nice addition to your latin jazz collection. You can purchase this CD at or you can just click on the Sound Cloud player where it says “Buy this track” DJ Walter B Nice for

For those of you who love Latin Jazz, I want to recommend this awesome CD by Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet titled Red Tailed Hawk Vol. II Carlos gifted me with this CD which is jampacked with awesome music. Maybe Fernando Roque of Don Coqui can bring this awesome sound to the customers at his hot Puerto Rican eatery. Who knows maybe even Jose Rivera will like these tunes enough to help spread the word about a Boricua band and its talented leader as he did for Choco Orta?

There are a lot of good things happening in the music world, many that hit home for me this time around. Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet | Red Tailed Hawk, Vol. II Our good friend Carlos Jimenez continues his successful run with a second part of his previous album, titled Red Tailed Hawk, Vol. II, including great cover tunes, a few originals, with fresh new arrangements and many suprise guests. He will also be coming to a venue close to us in April. For more information, log on to his website at and check his calendar. To purchase his recent CD or his prior recordings, check out Hermano, all the best of success to you!!!

Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet – Red Tailed Hawk, Vol. II carlosjimenezIILo que ya funciono una vez bien no se modifica, el sentido común nos lo indica. Esta premisa esta bien asimilada por el flautista, compositor y arreglista Carlos Jimenez. Ya en su anterior entrega Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet – Red Tailed Hawk (CJ Martinete – 2011), esta receta le funciono a la perfección en un producto de gran factura tanto creativa como interpretativa. Carlos Jimenez comprende bien la formula, discos bailables, arreglos con cambios sorpresivos y con posibilidad para que cada uno de los solistas se desfoguen y muestren porque están ahí. En el primer numero del álbum, Descarga T.P, se muestra generosos en sus respectivos solos: Sonny Bravo, ex-director de la típica 73, en el de piano, John Guth en la guitarra y cerrando Guillermo Jimenez en los timbales. Por su parte, la leyenda del piano, Edy Martinez deja su huella en la terrífica descarga Mi Ritmo dejando el camino servido para que el flautista Jimenez nos embruje con su respectivo solo. También hacen parte del Vol. II los clásicos Cachita, Bilongo y Los Tamalitos de Olga. Mención especial merece la extensa descarga Tanto Rogarte, que igualmente fue incluido en su anterior producción. En esta ocasión recargada en forma de jam y con un alta dosis de improvisación donde se destacan el piano de Enrique Haneine , Lloyd Nilsen en el bajo, Rafael Monteagudo en los timbales y Jorge Maldonado en los vocales. Carlos Jimenez demuestra en este disco, su octavo como solista, porque es reconocido como uno de los mejores flautistas en la escena de la salsa y el latín jazz contemporáneo. Solo un genio podría compaginar tantas estrellas en una grabación que exulta alegría y sabor. Mi Ritmo Tracks: Descarga T.P; Mi Ritmo; Cachita; Bilongo; La Gloria Eres Tu; Los Tamalitos De Olga; Tanto Rogarte Musicos Carlos Jimenez: lider, flauta, vocales y arreglos Sonny Bravo, Alfredo Valdes Jr., Edy Martinez & Enrique Haneine: piano Willie Cintron & LLoyd Nilsen: bajo Guillermo Jimenez: timbales Juan Rodriguez: congas George Cintron: bongo Rafael Monteagudo: bateria John Guth: guitarra Rafael Monteagudo: timbales Jorge Maldonado: vocales Lloyd Nilsen Carlos Jimenez / Cjmartinete Music Co., 2013

My Christmas Gift

Carlos: WOW! What an excellent gift for Christmas or for any season. Superb musicianship all around: exciting flute work reminiscent of Sedon Powell; sensitive and sure keyboard comping and solo, and the superb performance of the Incredibly Divine Ms. Cumberbatch who must be heard in person to fully appreciate the beauty and range of her fine instrument. When and where will this ensemble be appearing in the New York City area? If you have a mailing list, please, add my name. Thank you, again! Saxman88

This is an Incredible Vocal and such a Beautifully written Song...I Love it!!:-)

Carlos, Your song is very nice! Keep up the good work brother..

Feliz Navidad

Yonkers' own Carlos Jimenez, a renowned jazz flautist and band leader of Mambo Dulcet has recorded a new holiday album "Feliz Navidad." Get into the season with his Latin groove and funky sound sure to be a hit!

Before I forget, and since it is appropriate to mention, our good friend Carlos Jimenez, leader of Mambo Dulcet, has released a great song to dance and enjoy this holiday season. Feliz Navidad, not to be confused by the Jose Feliciano standard we’ve been singing since 1970, is an up-tempo jazz-infused tune should be played to entice people to shake after a heavy meal (with caution, of course!).

Red Tailed Hawk


1. KARIBU EL SON DEL CARIBE 1,389,275 Votes Costa Rica

2. ORQUESTA SIGLO XXI 632,835 Votes Cataño, PR

3. CONJUNTO PUERTO RICO 610,178 Votes Puerto Rico

4. TITO GUADALUPE 552,193 Votes Waterbury, Ct

5. TRINA MEDINA 527,583 Votes Caracas, Venezuela

6. SON DE TIKIZIA 521,734 Votes Costa Rica

7. HURACAN ORQUESTA 453,164 Votes Cali, Colombia


9. ORQUESTA ESPADA 369,153 Votes Hartford, Ct.

10 EDWIN PABON 331,833 Votes Boston, MA

11. ACHE SONORA 300,121 Votes Bogota, Colombia

12. CLERIKO SALSA 269,841 Votes Buenos Aires, Argentina

13. LEO D`BARRIO 233,127 Votes Cali, Colombia

14. URBANA SALSA CAPITAL 198,462 Votes Colombia

15. MICHAEL STUART 193,147 Votes San Juan, Puerto Rico

16. AMARYLLIS SANTIAGO 181,949 Votes Columbia, Pa

17. CHOCOLATE Y SU ORQUESTA 174,573 Votes Philadelphia

18. CARLOS JIMENEZ 173,860 Votes Yonkers NY

19. WITO COLON 171,956 Votes Puerto Rico

20. FANIA EVOLUTION 166,163 Votes Caracas, Venezuela


22. BORICUA LEGENDS 130,739 Votes New York, New York

23. ORQUESTA MADERA NUEVA 120,000 Votes Costa Rica

24. RAFAELITO Y SU TUMBAO 114,732 Votes Munich, Germany

25. ISMAEL MIRANDA 107,748 Votes Caguas, Puerto Rico

26. VICTOR MANUELLE 99,357 Votes Isabela, Puerto Rico

27. ERIK SANCHEZ Y SU ORQUESTA 98,121 Votes Costa Rica

28. JUNIOR GONZALEZ 91,572 + Votes Puerto Rico

29. SALSOCO 91,362 Ponce, Puerto Rico

30. DON PERIGNON 91,126 Votes Puerto Rico

31. TITO NIEVES 90,195 + Votes Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

32. COCOBLUE SALSA BAND 90,121 + Votes Bogota, Colombia

33. TEGO CALDERON 89,737 + Votes Santurce Puerto Rico

34. CHOCO ORTA 89,127 + Votes Brooklyn NY

35. CANO ESTREMERA 87,168 Votes San Juan, Puerto Rico

36. HERMAN OLIVERAS 86,964 Votes Florida, USA

37. TONY TAHE 81,323 Votes Paris, France

38. CONJUNTO IMAGEN 79,189 + Votes N Y NY

39. FAJARDO Jr Y SU ORQUESTA 79,161 Votes New Jersey

40. CONJUNTO CLASICO 77,371 Votes New York, New York

CD Review: Carlos Jimenez – Red Tailed Hawk

I have been following Carlos Jimenez career for couple years now, and wrote reviews for his two previous albums, El Flautista (The Flutist) and Thoughts. Both albums were totally different in style, a distinct latin flavor in El Flautista mellowed down with a smoother jazz sound for Thoughts. In either style Carlos always demonstrates his good sense of melody with lines that seamlessly flow in and out of the rhythms.

Carlos Jimenez latest release Red Tailed Hawk brings some surprises. For once, Jimenez decided to venture as a singer, and he is quite good. He sings in almost all the tracks on the release except on “Red Tailed Hawk”, “Tomando Café” and Rafael Hernandez “Cachita”. On these tracks Carlos concentrate on doing what he does best, playing the flute with emotion, amazing technique and limitless imagination.

Carlos Jimenez has always been an accomplished composer, especially when he goes back ti his latin roots. This album contains some outstanding original compositions, “Tanto Rogarte”, “Goza Nena”, “Tu Boquita Dulce y Maravillosa” and the title track of the album “Guaraguao” (Red Tailed Hawk), mostly influenced by Cuban rhythms like Mambo, Cha cha cha and Son. The album also includes excellent versions of latin classics like “Alma con Alma” and “Cachita”.

Tracks: Tanto Rogarte, Goza Nena, Tu Boquita Dulce y Maravillosa, Alma con Alma, Red Tailed Hawk, My one and only Love, La Playa, Mambo Terrifico, Cachita, Tomando Café
These are the songs selected as hits for the month of May;
Goza Nena # 6 New York
La Playa (El Niche) #13 Tampa, Florida
Tanto Rogarte #18 Barcelona, Spain
Tu BOquita Dulce y Maravillosa #11 Germany

May 1st 2012
Espiritu Salsa Salsa Awards Favorite 7 Nominees week of May1-8th 1. Siglo XX1 2. Marlow Rosado 3. Carlos Jimenez 4. Brian Michael 5. Yoko Mimata 6. Amaryllis Santiago 7. Tony Messina Hemos enviado los nombres de los cuatrocientos orquestas nominados en los Premios de 2012 a nuestro webmaster. La hoja de votacion se estrenará en Junio 2012 en Los fanaticos de la musica Latina/Salsa votarán por sus cuarenta favorita orquestas Latina/Salsa de todo el mundo. Los premios se han programado para el Miércoles 26, de Septiembre 2012 en Nueva York. Los boletos salgan a la venta 01 de junio 2012 en Ticketmaster. el evento será en las manos de aficionados. Usted decidirá los ganadores y el destino de el programa en vivo con la compra de boletos por 01 de agosto 2012. Estamos anunciando las orquestas tocando en el programa de premios en vivo el 6 de Junio, 2012. Atención músicos: Presentacion a premios de salsa 2012 de su mas reciente CD extendio a 30 de Mayo. Envie su mas reciente cd antes el 30 de mayo a: Espiritu Salsa-WEPAwebTV-192 1/2 South Main Street-Suite 2 Bowling Green Ohio-43403 We have forwarded the names of the four hundred nominated orchestras in the Salsa awards 2012 to our webmaster.The On-line ballot sheet will debut in June 2012 on Fans will vote for their forty favorite Latino/Salsa orchestras from around the world.The Awards are scheduled for Wednesday September 26th, 2012 in NYC. Tickets go on sale June 1, 2012 on Ticketmaster. The event will be in the fans hands. You will decide the winners and the fate of the live show by buying tickets by August 1st, 2012. We are announcing the orchestras playing at the show June 6 th 2012.
Carlos Jimenez - El Flautista. 9:30pm on Jazz and Bossa Radio.

Puerto Rico
El flautista de jazz latino de Yonkers, Carlos Jiménez, apuesta ahora por el mambo y rinde así un sabroso homenaje a todos sus maestros.
Crédito: Martinete

Podría decirse que Red Tailed Hawk es el homenaje de Carlos Jiménez a sus maestros. Hasta ahí todo normal, aunque este planteamiento es uno de los lugares más comunes de la historia de la música. Lo interesante es que Jiménez pide la colaboración de esos maestros y hace que toquen en Red Tailed Hawk, consiguiendo hacer así uno de los mejores discos de latin jazz del último tiempo y un evidente plus para este flautista neoyorquino, líder una banda que ha dado en llamar Mambo Dulcet.

Esos maestros son los pianistas Edy Martínez, Sonny Bravo y Alfredo Valdés Jr.; el trombonista y violinista Lewis Kahn; el timbalero Orlando Marín y el bajista Willie Cintron. A ellos se suman George Cintron en los timbales; Juan Rodríguez en las congas; Guillermo Jiménez en el chekere y los bongoes; Pete Nater y Richie Viruet en las trompetas; John Guth en la guitarra; Guillermo Pérez en el Fender Rhodes y David Cruz en el piano. Jiménez se encarga de la flauta (of course), del piano (algo que sorprende) y de la parte vocal. Un todoterreno.

Es el quinto álbum en solitario de Jiménez luego de Arriving, que en 2005 contó con el apoyo de uno de sus ídolos, Dave Valentín; de Flautista, que en 2006 tuvo la colaboración del veteranísimo Bobby Porcelli; de Thoughts, que en 2008 fue respaldado por Rubén Rodríguez; y de Descarga Espiritual, que en 2008 fue dedicado a otro de sus ídolos, el trágicamente desaparecido Hilton Ruiz. La diferencia de este nuevo álbum es que Jiménez lo enfoca sólo en el mambo, logrando una textura que combina fortaleza y swing.

Y no es gratuito lo del mambo, por supuesto, ya que es el ritmo que mejor le sienta a su estilo de flautista de latin jazz; el que más conviene a su privilegiado grupo de acompañantes; y una manera de rendirle homenaje a su abuelo, quien la primera de sus influencias. Por eso ha recogido estándares de la canción caribeña como el bolero Alma con Alma de Juanito Márquez o la guaracha Cachita de Rafael Hernández. Pero también clásicos del sonido afrocubano como Mambo Terrífico de José Lozano o El Niche de Félix Reina, rebautizado aquí La Playa. Pero las palmas se las llevan el rítmico Tanto Rogarte y el cadencioso Guaraguao, subtitulado como Red Tailed Hawk en alusión a la famosa ave de rapiña y de paso un guiño al también famoso álbum Hawk de Dave Valentín en 1979.

Barcelona- Spain - April 9 2012
Latin jazz flute players aren't exactly commonplace, but artists like Dave Valentin, Nestor Torres, Bobby Porcelli and, more recently, Mark Weinstein have helped to widen this avenue of instrumental exploration. They've paved the way and opened up a world of possibilities for fine and feisty flautists of the present and future to flourish in danceable domains. Carlos Jimenez is one of the beneficiaries of their trailblazing.

Jimenez, who was brought up in New York, moved to Puerto Rico at the age of six and returned to the Big Apple to further his musical studies in 1995, has absorbed the work of his instrumental forbearers and peers, but he's no copycat. Red Tailed Hawk presents an artist who stands firmly on his own two feet, which are both likely moving to the tasty grooves that power this music.

Vamps and a steady percussive flow are part and parcel for these pieces, which tend to value feel and solo work over harmonic movement. While this can cause interest to wane on occasion, the personalities involved usually keep this problem at bay with a steady flow of excitement and energy. Jimenez delivers bright, perky solos that are fun-filled snapshots of his chipper musical persona and he aligns his axe with different front line allies from track to track. Trumpeter Peter Nater proves to be a strong soloist and simpatico partner, though his horn has some occasional intonational rub with the leader's flute ("Goza Nena"). Likewise, Lewis Kahn is a highly skilled double threat, capable of creating a stir with trombone or violin. While Guillermo Perez's guitar is only heard on "La Playa," it adds volumes to that track.

When Jimenez isn't doling out sweet flute treats, he puts his instrument down and sings. His voice, like his flute, cuts straight to the heart of the music and proves to be an equally powerful instrument. The real Red-Tailed Hawk may be a bird of prey, but Jimenez's music harbors no threat. It merely invites hip shaking and rewards open ears.

Track Listing: Tanto Rogarte; Goza Nena; Tu Boquita Dulce Y Maravillosa; Alma Con Alma; Guaraguao (Red Tailed Hawk); My One and Only Love; La Playa; Mambo Terrifico; Cachita; Tomando Cafe.

Personnel: Carlos Jimenez: flute, vocals, piano (10); Edy Martinez: piano, vocals; Willie Cintron: bass; George Cintron: timbales; Juan Rodriguez: congas; Lewis Kahn: trombone, violin; Guillermo Jimenez: chekere, bongo; Peter Nater: trumpet (3, 4, 6); Richie Viruet: trumpet (10); John Guth: guitar (5, 8); Orlando Marlin: timbales (6); Guillermo Perez: Fender Rhodes (7), guitar (7), vocals (7); David Cruz: piano (8); Sonny Bravo: piano (7); Alfred Valdes, Jr.: Piano (2).

Record Label: Self Produced | Style: Contemporary/Smooth
Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet has been selected on the top 20 hits by
New York # 3 with La Playa
Germany # 11 with Tu Boquita Dulce y Maravillosa
Tampa # 17 with La Playa
Puerto Rico #16 with La playa
Carlos Jimenez - “Red Tailed Hawk” - Mambo Dulcet
Reviewed by DJ Walter B Nice for NewGenSalsa.

I normally have Frankie Gee review all Jazz Cds/tracks. But after listening to this CD I just had to do the review myself. I can honestly say that this happens to be one of the most enjoyable Latin Jazz CDs I heard in a long time. From the first track to the last you will hear an awesome selection of music with outstanding arrangements.

One track that I was so surprised to hear was the classic “Alma Con Alma” a song which I would always play for my parent’s Anniversary. I really enjoyed the arrangement on this track going from bolero to a mambo was pretty cool.

I also enjoyed the classic Orquesta Aragon track “Cachita” with some nice solos by Carlos on flute, Lewis Khan on violin and Edy Martinez on the keyboards. And one of my favorite Cal Tjader tracks “Mambo Teriffico”. Like I said earlier from the first track through the last this CD is off the chain.

This production has all the ingredients necessary to possibly someday be considered a classic latin jazz CD.

My favorite track and the one I’m featuring is “Tomando Cafe”. I definitely enjoyed the fusion of all the jazz and mambo elements coming together as one. Carlos Jimenez is one talented young dude who definitely has my attention. And all you latin jazz lovers will feel the same way I do after listening to this CD.

I highly recommend this CD. This is a definite must for your Latin Jazz collection.
Caliente Updates March 2012 / April 2012 by Nelson Rodriguez

There is so much music available today form both the Latin Jazz & Salsa genres that I was thinking if I could put together a Top 50 for Salsa and another list for Latin Jazz and Jazz by Latinos (we have artists that strictly record in the Jazz world and are as talented as any Jazz artist in the world). Surprisingly I was able to separate the two and have compiled two lists for all you DJ’s.

Salsa Top 50 Hits

17-Tanto Rogarte- Carlos Jiménez Mambo Dulcet
Few musicians can make a piece of pipe, a mere couple of feet long, sound as sensuous as Carlos Jimenez. On Mambo Dulcet/Red Tailed Hawk there is ample evidence to show that Jimenez does not so much as play the flute as he caresses its keys. In his hands that instrument would appear to be a woman’s body, which Jimenez strokes. His fingers appear to trace the curves of her body, stopping every once and awhile to emphasis a particularly beautiful part; to discover a nook or a cranny. Then, with hot breath the musician becomes a shaman—a magician—who exhales slowly through this wondrous companion at his lips, singing notes that he hears deep within his soul.

There are moments like this throughout the album. The ones on “Tanto Rogarte” and “My One & Only Love” are truly outstanding. Here Jimenez awakens the sound of the flute as if he were a bird. First he flutters his wings, then flexes them and then takes flight. Once airborne, the musical bird soars and swoops high and low; he would tumble occasionally and then rise up again rapidly, rushing to catch a thermal and seeming to fly on a dazzling arpeggio. The flight of the flute is anything but predictable. Like that mythical bird, Jimenez leaps and flies in lines that swing in wide parabolas, as if ascending a stairway to heaven. Always he pauses for breath and then surprisingly he will sing in a clear, resonant tenor as well, his voice rising and falling like the bird. Jimenez’s diction is flawless and he compensates for the natural flaws by bending and twisting notes in gentle quarter tones.

Carlos Jimenez has surrounded himself with a group of fine musicians. Every one of these instrumentalists play with great empathy. But as is the case in so many ensembles the leader finds his sweet spot; another musician onto whom most of the major ideas of the music are beamed; to bounce off and to challenge him or her to respond and take the musical ideas to another plane in another beautiful dimension. This could be pianist Edy Martinez at times, or trumpeter, Pete Nater at other times or the unbelievably accomplished violinist Lewis Kahn. But the main and seemingly secret parent is the bassist, Willie Cintron whose stoic harmonies provide the perfect foil for Jimenez to soar like that Red Tailed Hawk whose shadow the flutist is constantly chasing.

Cintron is a brilliant musician, whose choice of notes are truly inspired and inspiring to the others in the band. He always dances around the root notes of the harmonic changes opening new avenues for Jimenez to explore. The flutist, for his part never misses any opportunity to go where Cintron points. Then he becomes the consummate magician waving his flute as if it were a magic wand ahead and sometimes behind the beat. This is an experience that will live in the memory for a long time to come.
Lively danceable Latin music comes alive on flautist Carlos Jimenez and his Mambo Dulcet band's Red Tailed Hawk, presenting six originals and four covers on a landscape of hot Afro-Cuban rhythms. Jimenez and his group navigate through the high flying winds of the genre, incorporating elements of salsa and jazz in a decidedly shoulder-moving session of Latin beats. Like fellow jazz man Mark Weinstein, Jimenez has become a flautist of note and a new exponent of the genre. With this swinging affair, Jimenez takes another leap forward in cementing his well-deserved reputation as a talented composer and skilled player.

Red Tailed Hawk's spicy Afro-Cuban sound is evident right from the opening "Tanto Rogarte." Drenched in Latin rhythms, Jimenez tees off with one burst after another, joined by pianist/vocalist Edy Martinez, timbalist George Cintron and cuongero Juan Rodriguez in a sample of what's to come. Jimenez is quite a vocalist in his own right and displays this side of his talent on "Goza Nena," the lengthy "Alma Con Alma," "La Playa," and a Latin-tinged treatment of the jazz standard "My One & Only Love."

The jazz influence shines through on the title track, with beautiful instrumentals provided by Jimenez , guitarist John Guth and violinist Lewis Kahn. There are some terrific mambo rhythms on Rolando Lozano's "Mambo Terrifico" and the light texture of "Cachita" before the set winds down on the very infectious "Tomando Café," a sensational finale that features trumpeter Richie Ciruet, Kahn on trombone and the leader on piano and flute, capping off an exciting and gyrating Latin-style musical treat.

Track Listing: Tanto Rogarte; Goza Nena; Tu Boquita Dulce Y Maravillosa; Alma Con Alma; Guaraguao (Red Tailed Hawk); My One & Only Love; La Playa; Mambo Terrifico; Cachita; Tomando Cafe.

Personnel: Carlos Jimenez: flute, vocals, piano (10); Edy Martinez: piano, vocals; Willie Cintron: bass; George Cintron: timbales; Juan Rodriguez: congas; Lewis Kahn: trombone, violin; Guillermo Jimenez: chekere, bongo; Peter Nater: trumpet (3, 4, 6); Richie Ciruet: trumpet (10); John Guth: guitar (5, 8); Orlando Marlin: timbales (6); Guillermo Perez: Fender Rhodes (7), guitar (7), vocals (7); David Cruz: piano (8); Sonny Bravo: piano (7); Alfred Valdes, Jr.: Piano (2).

Record Label: Self Produced | Style: Contemporary/Smooth
Carlos Jimenez, well-known jazz flute player, arranger, and composer, just released his self-produced album entitled Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet - Red Tailed Hawk (Guaraguao). A mixture of salsa, bolero, and mambo make a tasty meal that will satisfy your dancing appetite. With an all star line-up including Orlando Marin, Sonny Bravo, Alfredo Valdes, Jr., Edy Martinez, Pete Nater, and others, this is a worthwhile investment I honestly recommend. Pick it up at your nearby record store, or for more information visit
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