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February 22, 2011

wow!!! good music keep it up... more great music and success. i wish you all the best we love you GOD BLESS!!

William Matos

December 26, 2010

Hola Carlos! Espero que estes bien. Feliz Navidad!! I will try to see you at the Long Island Winterfest. That should be a great event. You are a wonderful flutist and a great person. This year you will be the most demanded flutist let me tell you. Happy New Year..

donna davis

July 2, 2010

Great job with the fellas at the Yonkers Pier. I look forward to seeing you perform again soon. I bought 2 of your albums Arriving and El Flaustista. Getty Square track was sublime! thanks again for being part of this town.

Fernando Rodriguez Mori

June 28, 2010

Mano de verdad que tienes mucho talento y que bueno saber que eres de mi pueblo y que lo estas poniendo bien en alto. Sigue hacia adelante cosechando frutos y que papa Dios continue guiando tu camino, mucho exito!

Gilbert Vasquez aka el Mazacote

June 2, 2010

Man,Carlos,how fast or slow and it depends how one looks or judges time,but as far as I know you it feels fast for me,(being stuck in this house(Jail)since I've been out of Circle)I miss la Rumba,hanging out,I am not the same as B4, been sick.Any how I am very glad to know of how great you are doing in your Music,Congradulations,may you continue in your success,a friend always,Gil, ironside,aka el Mazacote!!And much regards to you Dad.P.S.Super great Web. Site!!

sonia diaz

February 28, 2010

Querido Carlos me ha dado muchisima alegria saber de ti despues de tantos anos y que allas llegado tan lejos te felicito de corazon y sique adelante soy la tia de Alice Alicea. Te queremos siempre que dios te cuide. Bye.....


January 1, 2010

me alegro que haya aun profesionales como la copa de un pino ya que por lo que he visto le echas mucho sentimiento a lo que haces, me alegro por ti y deseo que este año que recien comienza te vaya mucho mejor que el antererior


July 11, 2009

hola he estado viendo tu pagina y veo que tienes muchas actuaciones x por que te felicito y te digo que me siento muy orgullosa de ti sigue asi que te lo mereces

Ivonne Zayas

June 19, 2009

Wow!!! you play beautiful. Surprising to know that a co-worker at the Postal Service has God given talent. God Bless!

Ivonne, la que se parece india.

Leisha Marie

June 9, 2009

hola te deseo mucho exito!!! yo tocaba flauta hace a~nos y me encanta!!!! Dios t bendiga sigue adelante


April 23, 2009

Mucho Exito para ti. Saludos de mi parte ;)

catherine rose josue from the philippines

March 10, 2009

im one of his fan..more great music and success....we love you carlos


March 5, 2009

Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !


December 8, 2008

Wonderful, wonderful site surfed a bunch of pages, enjoyed them all.
Thank You--
If you get a chance please visit my site at

Berto Figueroa

September 14, 2008

Dios te bendiga carlos,

Muchos saludos y bendiciones para ti y tu familia, gran admirador de tu musica "eres el mejor", yo sigo ahi con el libro de taffanel entonando melodias y arpegios con mi flauta. Gracias por las invitaciones que envias via emails, yo espero pronto poder estar ahi en uno de esos lugres y escuchar tu musica. Si en algun momento viajas Puerto Rico, sigo trabajando en el aereopuerto L.M.M y nos saludamos y en lo que te pueda ayudar.

Exito y siempre con Dios por delante

Pedro (Berto) Berrios

September 14, 2008

Carlos, saludos, yo sabia que buen jugador de basketball, pero no conocia tu faceta de artista, me da mucho orgullo ser tu amigo de infancia

Tony Santos

August 28, 2008

Carlos Your music is at Pandora Radio

Angel (Angelo) Hernandez

August 20, 2008

Hey Bro take care Im looking at your web site good luck.

Geri Rizzo

August 4, 2008

Hola, Carlos! Ay, que linda es su website!

Bienvenido a!
Su fotografia y url a este sitio esta all ahora.

Que vaya con Dios! Best, Geri


August 4, 2008

good sites,


August 3, 2008

Hey Carlos, congratulations! Your music is so good. Me gusta mas las canciones sin el ritmo de salsa, pero como tu sabes, para los gustos se hicieron los colores. Tu disco "Thoughts" es muy bueno, es el estilo q a mi me gusta. Exito y que Dios te bendiga amigo. Abrazos!

Jan Nunley+

July 18, 2008

Saw you at Ruben's in Peekskill--muy sabroso!

Eileen Bastien

July 7, 2008

Hi Carlos, I had a great time at Palaia Vineyard on Saturday. Hope you have future plans to come back to Palaia. Thanks. Eileen

Marilyn L.

June 30, 2008

Hello!! Wonderful flutist Carlos Jimenez. I love your new cd Thoughts & my favorite one is Life is Great!

Malcolm E Livingston

June 30, 2008

What's up Carlos,
I hope you're doing well. Stay strong, and may you have much success. Peace out.

Prof. Benjamín López

June 30, 2008

Me parece que eres un excelente amigo.

Prima Tina

June 26, 2008

Que DIOS TE BENDIGA MUCHO, Y EL Señor todopoderoso te conseda tus deseos.

Julian Hodgens

June 8, 2008


Came across your site from a google search for Jazz Flutists! Being in the game myself, i was wanting to touch base with my fellow flutists. I have a website

I have recorded a few latin based / flavored tunes namely Spain, Flor D'Luna etc.


Julian Hodgens


June 7, 2008

loved your music very soothing.nice listening and comforting sounds.Thanks so much for the cd, I will pass the word around how nice the cd is.

Nicholette John (T3)

April 13, 2008

Guillermo, this is a terrific webpage you guys have. I was browsing through it with my husband. He thinks it's awesome.

ed covi

December 22, 2007

Thanks for the great music at our Christmas party at Lucy's Dec.2007.
All the best to you and the band.Ed and Laurie

Gilberto Colon Jr. Pulpo

November 21, 2007

Carlitos, I have had the distinct honor of sharing the stage with some of the most NOTABLE Flautists in the Industry & have yet to witness someone That's Young & Who sounds So DAMN MAture And In Control of their CRAFT. You And your Talent are Blessed. May God continue to shed Her Blessings onto everything that you endeavor. Respectfully, Gilberto Colon Jr. PULPO.

Richard Cadena

September 22, 2007

I just heard you on Vicki Sola's "Que Viva La Música" via the Internet down here in Mexico City where I have lived since February 1966. I just loved what I heard and it will be a pleasure to keep tabs on you and your music.
Born & raised in Los Angeles, CA of Mexican descent (plus a Cuban greatgrandmother), and former choirboy, I discovered our music in LA before immigrating to Mexico City in early 1966. Love your stuff, so keep up the good..... music.
Un abrazo desde México,
Richard Cadena

Delia Jimenez

September 21, 2007

your sister is proud of you .You have done great and the best of it all is that you love what you do.God bless you

Jeanne Lewis

August 9, 2007

I saw you today sittin'in your car with the a/c making you frosty while you looked through some info on Sirius and since I know everything about a person simply by looking at him/her, I went right home and headed for this site,(which is outstanding - graphics and photos - kudos to creator!). And then there's the music - simply blew me away! Favorites are My Allison and Arriving. I wish you the best and hope that the world gets to celebrate you and your creations soon!

larry wiseman

July 25, 2007

I have been playing flute for 18 yrs. and you're one of the best latin musicians out there. Dave Valintine move Take Care.. Larry,flutist


June 25, 2007

eres un genio con la flauta te felicito y me siento muy orgullosa de ser latina por profesionales como tu, te deseo que se te todo bien en todas las metas que te propongas.


June 13, 2007

Carlos eschuche tu cd arriving and el flautista me encanta tu music
eres un verdadero orgullo latino. Tu sonido de la flauta es muy bonito y suave.
Espero que tengas mucho exito.


donna menendez

June 12, 2007

i listen to the music its great. i didn't know i have a cousin who plays so well. tell your family i said hi.
your sis and dad.
love ur cousin donna

Gerardo Hernandez

April 25, 2007

Saludos Carlos te felicito por tu excelente trabajo musical, soy flautista se lo que hay;)

Pa' lante

Tengo un video en si deseas accesa para que lo veas, alli estoy acompanado por mi novia, la cuatrista Maribel Delgado.

Gerardo Hernandez


April 14, 2007


Kandace Inez

April 9, 2007

Moja terma nemoe zakluchenje

George Alvarado Jr.

December 26, 2006

Hello Carlos.
I have your Arriving cd and i really enjoyed it and hope to pick up your next cd El Flautista at cd baby. Keep up the good work and i hope you can come to Chicago and play.

Carla Michelle Rodriguez Heredia

November 20, 2006

Felicidades por tus logros, te mereces cada uno de estos...Sabes que te haz fajado mucho por estar donde haz llegado y te falta aun mas. Todos en mi casa y en Villalba siempre estaran orgullosos de ti.
Carlitos, Michelle,Juan

Jo-Ann Marasigan

November 19, 2006

Good music! Keep it up.... More power!


July 5, 2006

Your CD Arriving Is Smoking.I Can't Wait
To Listen To Your Next CD.I Wish You All
The Best.

T J Davis

April 17, 2006

As you know I have the CD and love the music. I see Italy loves your music too! Keep up the good work and I will see you later.

henri scott

April 6, 2006

when are you playing in the southern states of usa? i live in little rock Ar. but I,m orin. from new orleans. Would like to hear you perform. i need to get a cd. H.S (saddi osei)


March 22, 2006

hi carlos nice web pabe thank you for your help moses

pietro by vinilemania (Italy)

March 6, 2006

Hi to all,
Carlos Jimenez's CD is on air in Italy. GREAT MUSIC.

My prefered song is the track 2 Flute & Violin

Grazie CARLOS!!!!

Ciao ciao Pietro from Italy

Rene'Soler & his SondeCuba

February 11, 2006

Es muy lindo ver tantas estrelas latinas en su web site le decea muchas felicidades y logros
en su vida profesional.
Rene'Soler yo soy cubano residente en Roma Italia

Guillermo Perez

January 24, 2006

Hi Carlos! I like your way you sound on the flute on your original tracks, I have not heard no one play like that before. Specially on Que Paso it was a great solo, I really enjoyed that one. Good luck on your future...


January 22, 2006

Hey Carlos,
We at "SOURCE OF LOVE RECORDS" love what you're doing man, "ARRIVING" is a very nice project! We're proud of you, and anticipate great things from you in the future.

Natalie Jimenez

January 2, 2006

Daddy, I love your CD and I like your website . I let my other uncles here listen to your music and they said they liked it. I felt really good. See you soon.

Al Anderson

December 22, 2005

I listened to the CD on my way home today 12/22/05 and really enjoyed it, especially Tomando. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best.


November 23, 2005

Hi, I’m Pietro from Italy and I love Latin Jazz and Salsa. I have an internet radio that you can to see and to listen on my web-site

If you want to promote your music you can to send your last cd to this address:

Pietro Carbognani

c/o Villa Maria Luigia spa

Via Montepelato Nord 41

43023 Monticelli Terme (Parma)


All the best, Pietro

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