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Carlos Jimenez - Flutist, Vocalist, Composer, Arranger, and Producer.

Biography Yonkers, New York native Carlos Jimenez is the next generation of extraordinary flute players. Carlos musical passion began at the age of four, when under the guidance of his father he learned to play the trumpet. The family returned to Villalba, Puerto Rico where there then six-year-old musician continued his musical training at Fransisco Zayas Santana with Pablo Leon. In 1995 Carlos returned to New York City to study at the Music Conservatory of Westchester. There he expanded his repertoire to jazz studying with master musicians Dave Valentin, Hilton Ruiz, Mario Rivera, Bobby Porcelli, Sonny Bravo, Mike Longo & Alfredo Valdes Jr. Carlos Jimenez has recording with many musical greats, including Hilton Ruiz, Stephane Ronget, Sonny Bravo, Edy Martinez, Alfredo Valdez Jr., Dave Valentin, Jay Hoggard, David SCHNITTER & Bobby Porcelli. He has performed with; Hilton Ruiz, Edy Martinez, Alfredo Valdes Jr., Enrique Haneine, Lloyd Nilsen, Adan Perez, Jason Fogueroa, Rafael Laureano, Rafael Monteagudo, Willie Martinez, Orlando Marin, Jimmy Bosch, Andy Gonzalez, Victor Venegas, Barry Harris, Gilberto Colon Jr., Patrick Grady, John Benitez, Mitch Frohman, Jotan Afanador, Edsel Gomez, Mario Rivera, Chico Freeman, Cecil Bridgewater, Eddy Allen, Harvie S, Richie Flores, Luisito Quintero, Bill O'Connell, Craig Holiday Haynes, Diego Lopez, Lloyd Nilsen, Enrique Haneine, George Martinez, Dean Vazquez, Bobby Sanabria, Piro Rodriguez, Leong lee Dorsey, Elden Dueno, Lew Soloff, Burt Eckoff, Lisle Atkinson, Leroy Williams, Earl May, Jimmy Delgado, Silvia Cuencas,Tulivu Donna Cumber-batch, Hector Magtinon, Ryan Berg, Phil Maturano, Ricky Rodriguez, Adela Dalto, Julio Salgado, Gilberto Velazquez, Frankie "El Sonero Del Barrio" Vazquez, Herman Olivera, Jorge Maldonado, John Guth, Lewis Kahn, Richie Viruet, Pete Nater, John Walsh, Kevin Bryan, and many many more...